The Answer is in walking

“It’s time to go for a walk.” This was the 4:00 pm bell each afternoon in the spring and summer of 2020. My partner and I would peel ourselves away from our new ‘modalities’ and affix our face coverings for the out of doors. Each journey into our neighborhood brought new and interesting things to see. Navigating this strange but familiar place, each outing became this new adventure into the sunlight.

On these walks, the events taking place on the news were a mainstay for conversations. Dogs in tow, discovering our small world around us, but also discovering what it is we truly believed about that world.

As our quarantine continued, the school was dismissed for the summer no one was hiring and my wife was furloughed. It is honestly surprising how attenuated two peoples get when it comes to their media consumption when their normal sources of outside interactions almost entirely cease, and interests are relatively in line. The usual gab became redundant. The conversations then began to change. Instead of recalling the days' learned information, conversations began to form from the objects that were along with our short quests. Objects and surfaces had taken on a whole new added layer. Beyond the symbolic meanings, they have from our shared histories with them. At this time, you begin to think, “Is this how I get it?” as you hesitate just before grabbing the next shopping cart. Over this period my knowledge and awareness of the things around us grew every day. I’m better for it.

‘The Answer is in Walking’ is a space to kindle new conversations and share with others your thoughts. I’ve chosen to showcase these objects, one for their presence along my walks, but also for their capacity to invoke thoughts and memories of social and personal history. Due to their ubiquitous nature, our stories may overlap. Let’s talk about that. See where the conversations take you. Then spread your experience with your community. Take a walk, the answers are waiting.